Spring Collection

Spring Collection

September 18, 2020 Creative Forest 0

Spring is in the air, with daffodils popping up and families of ducklings flapping around parks and gardens as far as the eye can see. In fact one of the most exciting aspects of delivering Creative Forest is watching our own little ducklings taking to the water and blossoming through facilitated exploration of their ideas.

Students use the Creative Forest framework as a basis to take on their passion projects with support from our facilitator. At the same time they are able to reach out across the network ecosystem to draw help and advice from mentors and collaborators. Because sometimes in smaller or distant communities it can be hard to find people with similar interests, if you are a creative kid with cool project ideas.

So this year we’ve had a specific focus on supporting remote or rural schools and working with students on their chosen projects. Additionally with the pandemic lockdown disrupting education across the country, we have been pleased to keep this years cohort connected and engaged throughout.

For example, the Ashburton College crew have been shaking their tail feathers and diving into photography this year. Kyle has been exploring his world through landscape images and class mate Iela organised a fashion shoot at the beach with a bunch of her friends. We are looking forward to seeing what else these talented teens come up with.